OHI Exercise into Spring with Flowers

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In his March 11th prime time address, President Joe Biden told states, tribes and territories to “make all American adults eligible for a covid-19 vaccine by the first of May.” Next Saturday! Get ready for your very personal May Day Celebration.

Assuming the Oakmont restaurant is open, how about meeting a friend for early breakfast? Walk there and check “fitness” off your daily to-do list. Walk there with someone else and pat yourself, and your friend’s, back. A friendly pat on the back is near freedom after a year of questioning the wisdom of even sharing a ball point pen.

OHI member Trudy says she adds walking to her fitness classes. “I love walking around Oakmont; I see something new every time and get great ideas from what I see.  It was fun when the golf courses were closed to walk on them because I got to see backyards that I never had seen before. People have done some wonderful things to their homes and yards. And I love being outside.”

May flowers bloom because of late winter rains. There’s a bouquet of vibrant and fragrant beauty, just waiting to be placed in paper cones and tied to a neighbor’s door. That’s an old—fashioned tradition that could be revised on the first of May, 2021. It’s a Celebration!

Back at home, ask Alexa to play Celebration by Kool and the Gang. Then, dance! Make your own party. Wave arms, snap fingers, sway shoulders, shuffle feet. Groove on May 1, 2021! (By the way, this song made the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart on February 7, 1981. It sat there for two weeks before Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” dethroned their only hit.)

May Day is a public holiday in many different cultures and geographies. It’s seen as a day of unity, togetherness and rebirth. For 2021, if all goes according to a year long dream and a bouquet of hopes, it will be a day of deeply felt personal celebration.

Hopefully OHI Free Fitness Classes will soon be open again. In person!


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