OHI Free Fitness Class AV Hybrid-Meeting Instructions

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  1. Turn on the wireless mouse and keyboard
  2. On the AV rack, touch the Extron-tablet and “Start” the AV system
    • wait for the fan first could take up to 30 seconds
  3. Lower the projector screen on the stage
    • The switch to lower the screen is on stage-right
  4. On the AV rack, use the Extron-tablet to turn on the projector
    • Look for the “Display” label and press the “On” button underneath
  5. On the AV rack, use the Extron-tablet to select the “Zoom/Camera” source option
    • Don’t mind any screen color flicking, could last up to 5 minutes
    • If you’re not logged in, the password is: Letsgo123
  6. Open Zoom: Double-click desktop icon, or single-click Zoom-logo in taskbar
    • Select “Join A Meeting
    • Meeting ID should be in dropdown, but if not, it is currently:
      • Meeting ID: 967 9942 2442
    • Enter passcode:
      • Passcode: 573596
  7. Join With Audio
  8. Join with Computer Audio
  9. Make sure you’re not muted on the AV-rack computer
    • Click the microphone icon in the lower-left corner of Zoom
  10. Claim Host
    • Select “Participants
    • Select “Claim Host
    • Enter 663700
  11. Set the OHI camera presets
    • On the Extron-tablet, in the “Zoom/Camera” screen:
      Pan/Tilt = up, down, left, right
      Zoom = camera depth
    • Camera 1: set focused on preset for the stage
    • Camera 2: set a wide shot of the floor
    • Consider using “Preset 3” since it may be less likely to get overwritten by another group
  12. Raise the screen
  13. Darken projector
  14. Enjoy class
  15. Un-darken projector
  16. Sign out of meeting/close Zoom (look for the red button)
    • Must move mouse over Zoom screen to show red button
  17. Turn off the wireless mouse and keyboard
  18. Power down AV rack on Extron-tablet


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5-17-2022 Executive Agenda

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