Ongoing Forrest Yoga Classes

Explore yoga poses safely in a supportive and compassionate environment. Classes integrate breath, strengthening and alignment. Decrease stress and increase your energy level, strength, flexibility, and focus. Perfect for new students, senior students and advanced students who need a more restful practice. Feel stronger on and off the mat. People with injuries or conditions are encouraged to attend.

Classes cover breath work (pranayama), postures (asana) and strengthening core work.
Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires that you bring a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly.

Equipment – yoga mat, blocks, strap, yoga blanket (or beach towel) to pad floor poses
New students – Please contact Carol prior to the day you would like to join the class. 707 696-5464.

Carol is a certified Forrest yoga instructor. She is passionate about helping others feel better in their bodies. Carol also teaches Chair classes and private sessions.


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