Our First Tournament of 2022

Getting ready for our first tournament of the year
Getting ready for our first tournament of the year

By Mary Blake

The Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club is always excited to have new bowlers. Bowling is 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday), starting at 12:30, through April 30th. Lessons are free. Membership is $20 per year. Club bowls (they’re called “bowls”, not “balls”) are available for practice. You must be an OVA member to participate. Email the club at oakmontlawnbowling@gmail.com if you’re interested in an introduction to lawn bowling.

We had our first tournament of 2022!
We had twenty-four (24) bowlers. The temperature at the start of the game was fifty-six (56) degrees and, with a cold wind that felt like it was blowing directly off some nearby glacier, it never managed to warm up. Those twenty-four bowlers (photos are on our website) were truly committed to the game.

We had four games.

First place winners Steve P, James, and Liliane played against Marilyn G, Jeannette, and Ted.

Second place winners Jim K, Linda P, and Steve W came from behind to defeat Denise, Kevin, and Barbara. Denise’s team had a 7-point end early on and the future looked dire for Jim’s team.

Third place winners Jeana, Bonnie J, and John had a close race against Bob D, Mark, and Jim B.

And in the fourth game Francis, Pam, and Eva faced Jerry G, Irene, and Paul.

Our next tournament is the St. Patrick’s Day Tournament on Thursday, March 17, at 12:30. Sign up on the shed. Show up at 12:15 to bowl at 12:30. Wear whites (or greens!) Of course, there will be food and beverages.

After that is the April Fools’ Day Tournament on Friday, April 1st.

1. Always show up at least 15 minutes before bowl time. Otherwise, they’ll have just figured out the rinks when you show up – and this gives you time to chat and to help set up.

2. Wear smooth-soled shoes. Soles with a tread pick up seeds from other plants and as you bowl, you’re also sowing weeds throughout the green. And when our grass is thin, like it is this time of year, your treads can do damage to the surface.

Our website is: www.OakmontLawnBowling.com.
Our email address is: OakmontLawnBowling@gmail.com.

Steve and Marilyn’s teams.jpg Caption: Ted, Steve P, Marilyn G, Jeannette, Liliane and James
Jim and Denise’s teams.jpg Caption: Kevin, Barbara, Denise, Jim K, Linda P and Steve W


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