OVA Board Approves up to $656K for West Rec Repairs

            The OVA Board approved spending up to $656,000 to repair the damage caused at the West Rec Center by last summer’s sprinkler failure. The bulk of the cost will be covered by insurance.

            President Tom Kendrick told the Nov. 16 meeting he had “reasonable confidence” that the work will be completed “earlyish” next year assuming materials are available despite supply chain concerns.    

            General Manager Kimberly Rowland said she met with insurance representatives and that they were “closing the gap” on the size of the settlement. She said the adjuster made a change to reflect the cost of some high-end flooring. She said the insurance representatives told her “they will be back to us by Thanksgiving and we’ll try to hold them to that.”

            The cost estimates include $477,550 for the repairs, $17,820 for minor additional work, $51,300 for electrical switchgear replacement and a contingency of $109,330. Kendrick said the net cost for OVA after insurance is expected to be $196,000 or less, possibly “substantially less”.

            The contractor is Nordby Construction, a local firm that has been part of other Oakmont projects.

            The sprinkler failure occurred July 24 and the damage included destroying 90% of the building’s drywall. Rowland said there wasn’t any space in the West Rec that wasn’t affected by the water. She said the rest of the building’s old fire sprinkler system would be inspected and upgraded as needed to avoid another failure “to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

            The board gave final approval to a policy allowing, but not requiring, homeowners to replace the lattice enclosing the space under house decks with non-combustible materials or remove the lattice altogether. The replacement could include metal lattice or Hardi Board siding. The policy also recommends removal of six to ten inches of wooden lattice so it does not touch the soil level and installing small mesh over the remaining lattice. 

            If a homeowner removes all lattice and does not replace it, no storage of anything under the deck is allowed and the area must be kept free of leaves and other debris.