OVA Ups Dues to $106; Names Neuman to Board

            The OVA Board voted unanimously Oct. 19 to increase the annual dues from $102 to $106 per person effective in January, and to appoint Jeff Neuman to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Director Noel Lyons.

            President Tom Kendrick called the 4 per cent dues increase “appropriate and prudent” and said it was better to increase the dues a little at a time rather than have bigger increases every few years. He attributed the 4 per cent increase to a 35 per cent increase in insurance premiums, a 14 per cent jump in administrative expenses and a 7 per cent jump in personnel costs, including staff and salary increases.


           Neuman will serve for the remainder of Lyons’ term, which ends next March, and can then run for re-election. He and his wife, Meg, moved to Oakmont in 2018. He has been active in Movies at Oakmont and the Architectural, Emergency Preparedness, Facilities Reopening, Firewise and Energy Resilience Committees. He also is a board member of the Sunday Symposium and the Technology Learning Center.

Jeff Neuman (Photo by Kathy Sowers)

            Neuman retired in 2016 after more than 35 years as a geophysicist, environmental geologist and management coordinator. He was with Texaco from 1981 to 1990, Texaco/Shell from 1991 to 2011 and Shell from 2011 to 2015. He handled external communications for the U.S. Superfund cleanups group in 2015-2016.            

            Lyons, whose resignation was effective at the end of the meeting, served three stints on the board, beginning when he was elected to a two-year term in 2010. He was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2018 and then elected in 2019 to his current two-year term. He and his wife, Jackie Kinney, are moving to Spring Lake Village.

            The board voted to spend approximately $17,000 to replace computers and chairs in the Central Activities Center computer center. The resolution said the computers have reached the end of their useful life due to both technology advances and changes in residents’ educational needs. The existing furniture, it said, “is falling apart.”

            The new computers include an instructor iMac computer, six student iMac computers and seven Hewlett Packard computers and 12 mesh back chairs.


            The board tentatively approved a policy allowing homeowners the option to replace the lattice enclosing the space under decks with non-combustible materials or remove underdecking lattice altogether. The policy does not require the removal of any lattice. The replacement could include metal lattice or Hardi Board siding. It also recommends removal of six to ten inches of wooden lattice so it does not touch the soil level and installing small mesh over the entire remaining lattice. 

            If a homeowner removes all lattice and does not replace it, no storage of anything under the deck is allowed and the area must be kept free of leaves and other debris. The resolution provides 28 days for member comment before final adoption.