OVA Working with City for Better, Safer Evacuation

 The Oakmont Village Association is working with Santa Rosa on a “zoning overlay” in its new General Plan which would provide Oakmont with better and safer evacuation and streamline OVA’s permitting and approval processes with the city. 

 Jess Marzak, OVA board president, outlined OVA’s proposal at the Sept. 20 board meeting. It would change the zoning for the broader commercial properties in Oakmont’s central area to “neighborhood commercial” and its land use classification to “neighborhood mixed use”. 

The properties include all of Oakmont’s buildings in the central area and all the commercial buildings near the central area, including the service station, Oakmont Gardens, retail space and the restaurant. 

Marzak said the changes would allow future developments to be completed much more quickly and less expensively. Noting that fire evacuation routes have risen to the top of community conversations, he said OVA has insisted that the General Plan address 

fire safety and evacuation. 

The board approved spending up to $55,000 to replace the aging carpet in the Central Activities Center with the exception of the Fitness Center and the Arts Room, which do not have carpeting. Rugworks, Rohnert Park, will install the carpeting for $38,286. The additional funds cover baseboard replacement and furniture moving. 

Bill Wells, maintenance manager,  said he hopes the project will be completed by the end of the year. He said it will require a closure of the center with the exception of the Fitness Center. 

The board gave final approval of a new Policy on Committees, which focuses on the role of board members who attend committee meetings. They cannot vote and can’t exercise undue influence during committee deliberations.  

The board approved a new deck policy for homeowners which will be posted in common areas for 28 days for community comment. The policy requires that all new and replacement deck surfaces be built with Class A, Class B or nonflammable materials and all railings and gates on or adjacent to the deck be constructed with Class A, Class B or nonflammable materials within 5 feet of the house.