OVA Zoom Video Meetings

Last Updated: 05-13-20

As we all join in the effort to stop viral spread by limiting our contact with other people, tools like Zoom can be a powerful way to stave off social isolation, as well as keeping momentum in our various projects by not allowing meeting and communication to fall by the wayside.

This page will include information that is helpful towards getting started with the Zoom video meeting platform. If you don’t have Zoom yet, it may be downloaded for free here:


Please keep in mind, that you can schedule your own Zoom meetings with a free Zoom account, and you’ll be able to include up to 100 people for 40-minutes.

We are not scheduling recurring Zoom meetings at this time.

If you have a meeting that you would like to schedule that is for an OVA Board Recognized Club, Organization, or Committee, we can schedule a meeting for your group with our premium account. This will allow for your group to hold meetings longer than 40 minutes, without having to purchase the paid version of Zoom yourself. To schedule a video meeting with our premium account, please contact OVA Event Coordinator, Anita Roraus, at anita.roraus@oakmontvillage.com.

How to Claim Host

More instructions on how to claim host may be found on the Zoom website here.

Getting Started with Zoom

How to get started with Zoom on a Mac computer:

How to get started with Zoom on a Windows computer:

Zoom Full Tutorial and Overview:

Here are two more resources for getting started, shared with OVA by George McKinney:
FAQ: Zoom Basics and Troubleshooting – Tester Support Center for someone joining a conference
https://www.howtogeek.com/661924/how-to-set-up-a-zoom-meeting/ for someone setting up a conference

More Meeting Management Resources:

George McKinney’s Videoconferencing Quick Start Notes:


Achieving Effective Meetings, Management Solutions LLC: