Pay your dues by February 1st

Our Holiday Party included gifts for needy children
Our Holiday Party included gifts for needy children

By Mary Blake

In Oakmont, we can have gorgeous weather even in winter. And that means that outdoor sports are possible even now! The Lawn Bowling Club is always excited to have new bowlers. Bowling is 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday), afternoons October 1st through April 30th. Lessons are free for all Oakmont residents. Membership is $20 per year. Club bowls (they’re called “bowls”, not “balls”) are available for practice and used bowls are available for purchase.

It’s still a bargain! Just $20 to be a member of our club for 1 year – $15 for associate members.

To be included in the Green Book, please pay by February 1st. And please pay by check if you can. How to pay:

• Leave your check with the dues form in the Lawn Bowling file in the OVA office; or
• Leave your check with the dues form in the bowls room in Tony’s cubby (#40); or
• Pay cash (WITH the dues from) directly to Tony.

For our newer members: The Green book took a vacation in 2021 when our calendar was still up-in-the-air until well into the season. It’s a small pamphlet that contains our calendar of activities, lists of committee and board members and the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all members.

The Annual Awards and Holiday Party, indoor at the Berger, was an intimate gathering. BUT the gifts for children in need was a HUGE success. Our wrapping team spent over an hour wrapping all the presents as they came in and the gifts stretched all the way across the back wall. Many of these children would not have had Christmas presents without us.
During the party, Jeana had pictures from 2021 running on the screen. Rob had music playing (due to technical difficulties they couldn’t run simultaneously, so they took turns). You’ll find the slideshow on our website. Audrey and Linda P greeted each of us as we arrived. Jim K emceed the event. And our brilliant team of wrappers wrapped up each of the gifts. On cue, as the wrapping finished, pizza and salad appeared. We ate well, talked a lot, and then Jim hosted the awards ceremony.

Kevin’s award may have been the most unique, with TWO misspellings (“mend” for “men’s” and “Keven” for “Kevin”).

And at the end, the Garlands received honors as volunteers of 2020 (Marilyn) and 2021 (Jerry). The choice for volunteer of the year is made secretly and they were both surprised. But they shouldn’t have been. They’ve given so much of themselves to the club for many years and it was good to show that we appreciate that.

Check with Jeana if you’re interested in OLBC clothing.

The 2022 tournament calendar is on our website:
And you can send an email to


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