photo by Kathy Carter

by Charlene Bunas

Free Zoom Classes by JoRene
9 – 10:00 Mondays, Wednesdays 967 9942 2442, passcode 573596

It appears a person is never too old for exercise…or too young. Visitor to the free Oakmont Health Initiative class, little Kimber appears to be analyzing if and how much she wants to participate. Later in the class she will approach her bends, stretches and aerobic exercises with moderation. She wants to find her comfort level, doesn’t want to push herself too hard. Like all sensible exercisers, she wants to avoid physical damage while at the same time, build physical strength, stamina and flexibility. And she certainly has a good role model: Kimber’s grandma! JoRene is the smiling face who welcomes OHI ZOOM participants each Monday and Friday.

Like Kimber, class member Nancy understands the need for “listening to body limits.” She says, “I had arthroscopic knee surgery in October which has limited some of my participation  in class…but do what you can and modify, right? That’s what we all need to do at this age anyway.”

Fortunately for us all, JoRene encourages young and not so young to join in, always with respect to ability and doctor’s advice. Exercise is not a “one and done” chore; it is an ongoing choice. Chore or Choice? What would Kimber do?


Friendship and Fun for the Holidays

Square dancing has been called “Friendship set to music”. The Oakmont Squares are looking forward to celebrating the 2021 holidays with friendship, music, laughter and

Water Aerobics

Mary’s Polar Bears are waiting for YOU to join us. We meet Monday through Thursday at 9:00 & 10:10. No Reservations are required and there