Pétanque play via player-arranged pickup games continues on the Oakmont courts between Berger and the OVA offices/Umpqua Bank. Using the two side courts and leaving the middle court vacant to promote social distancing, the maximum number of players currently permitted is 12.

Those using the courts are reminded to keep a minimum of 6 feet social distance at all times and to bring and use their own equipment, face covering and hand sanitizer. Masks covering mouth and nose should be worn at all times.

Scoreboards, throwing circles, extra boules, chairs, and benches may not be used. Gatherings before and after games are prohibited. No one feeling ill may come to the courts and individuals play at their own risk. During play, no one may touch anyone else’s boules. Each team must use one designated player to throw out and pick up her or his own cochonnet.

The Club will announce when it will officially resume sponsorship of open, random team selection Club Play on Wednesday and Saturday mornings in the regularly scheduled 9:45 a.m. – noon time slot.

The accelerating world-wide trend toward hip, urban pétanque-themed bars and cafes has a spectacular new entry, Pétanque Social, in Melbourne, Australia. At the fashionable, laid back cafe along the Yarra Riverwalk, restaurant precinct guests can play pétanque while overlooking the river with a grand view of the city. There is a full-service bar with bar snacks and guests can also order such treats as oysters and frites from bordering Bistro Guillaume, hand pies and tacos from Nobu, and iced treats from the Gradi Gelato trolley.

The Karukun Pétanque Championships are underway in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with 478 athletes and coaches from 55 clubs nationwide competing in the Olympic Stadium. The Cambodian government permitted sports activities to resume in June after a several-months halt due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Brought to Cambodia by the French, pétanque has become virtually the national sport in the Kingdom. Cambodia hosted its first international competition, the 17th World Women and Junior Championships, at the Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium in 2019. International pétanque star and promoter Ke Leng, a Cambodian national sports hero and four-time Women’s World Gold Medalist, retired after winning the 2019 Championships.

New Pétanque Bar/Café, Pétanque Social, along the Yarra

Riverwalk in Melbourne, Australia

(photos by Crown Melbourne)


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