Pickeball 12-15-2019 Healthy Living

Written By: Doc Savarese

Healthy Living

I love to play pickleball, and in fact, it has become an essential component for me to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Like many of us who live in Oakmont and encounter various age related symptoms, my affliction is rheumatoid arthritis. I have reached the point where my soreness (sometimes pain), stiffness, inflammation, diminished movement and reduced recovery time associated with playing pickleball needs to be addressed.

Research studies on this subject states that there are a number of factors that contribute to arthritis, with proper nutrition as a key component. Yep, not to my surprise eating the wrong foods can cause arthritic flair-ups (damn!) which will also reduce recovery time. Continued inadequate diet will result in stress, fatigue, and metabolic waste to accumulate in your body.

The research studies strongly indicated that I needed to make changes in my daily lifestyle in order to feel better and improve my physical capacities. Along with diet, sleep deprivation is also a key indicator in reducing performance. I wasn’t too concerned about this factor since my wife will attest that including my daily naps I get plenty of sleep. I avoid the recommendation for prescriptive solutions as a possibility and subsequently dismissed that as an option. It is important to note that alcohol consumption interferes with the synthesis of protein needed for muscle recovery. I also wear various compression garments as a recommended solution for arthritis.

I decided that my major focus is to concentrate on proper nutrition. My first strategy started with cleansing my body of waste and toxins by emphasizing a plant based died (nothing with eyes). Of course my comic friend, Peter, reminded me that potatoes have eyes. Stage 2 will be composed of limiting my meat consumption to two days per week, and reduce sugar consumption (I have a strong sweet-tooth) to twice a week. Unfortunately, sugar is the number one contributor to arthritic problems. I also will reduce my barbeque consumption (grilled foods increase the creation of glycation), dairy and processed fast foods (saturated fats). I will also try to avoid, as recommended, night shade plants (tomatoes and potatoes) since they are the number two offender in arthritic flair-ups. This is going to be very difficult with my Italian ancestry since pasta is also in that category. Some of the foods which are highly recommended are: whole plant foods rich in anti-inflammatory compounds such as dark green leafy and high carotenoid yellow vegetables, nuts, pineapple, turmeric and ginger.

Having completed the first week, I have noticed a reduction in my body weight which puts less stress on my joints. Wish me luck, I’ll report on my results in a future article.



WHERE: East Rec. Center lower courts, Courts #1 and #4.

WHEN: New players (strictly beginners) Introduction to Pickleball and Coached Play (for beginners & novices), Tuesday from 9:00 – 10 a.m.

ATTIRE: Court shoes with non-marking soles.

EQUIPMENT: Balls are provided. Loaner paddles are available for introduction and coached play. These balls and paddles are for use only on the Oakmont Pickleball Courts.

WEBSITE: https://oakmontpickleball.shutterfly.com

NEW PLAYER CONTACT: Pauly Uhr, richuhr@gmail.com, 707-984-4186, and/or

Nancy Lande, Nancy_lande@comcast.net, 707-978-2998


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