Connie Medeiros

It is official!!!! The Drop Serve is here to stay! As of January 2022, the Drop Serve is no longer considered “provisional”.

5 Things about the DROP SERVE you may not have known….

1. there are no rules on how you hit the ball on the serve. With the traditional serve, you must have upward motion; paddle must be below your wrist; contact with the ball must be below your navel. NONE OF THESE APPLY TO THE DROP SERVE! How easy does that make things!
2. the ball can be dropped inside or outside the court — only rule is your FEET must be outside the baseline when you make contact with the ball.
3. the ball can bounce more than one time if you want (doing a double bounce can confuse the person you are serving to! demonstrated in the video!)
4. the ball can be dropped, caught, and dropped again (in case you don’t like the bounce or to throw off your opponent).
5. can switch between traditional serve and drop serve at any time.

For for details, check out this video….

Benefits of Drop Serve:

– consistent with other hits/strokes during the game
– better timing and less rush to make contact with ball
-ability to hit deeper serves

The following video goes into more detail on these benefits and demonstrates the serve.

What to do on a rainy day when you can’t play Pickleball?

– watch YouTube videos about Pickleball….there are videos on everything from the dos and don’ts of the game, to dinking, dealing with slammers, how to improve your game, highlights from championship games and everything in between.

– subscribe to a Pickleball Magazine. A new one is “In Pickleball”. The last issue had articles ranging from Summer Olympic Games 2028–is Pickleball a Contender? to Pickleball Road Trip along the California Coast to a crossword puzzle (with some Pickleball clues). And for the Fashionistas, there is an article about pickleball fashions from around the country. Lots of fun articles and advertisements! I have a copy if you would like to check it out or just go to there website.

New Player Orientation — 9am on Tuesday mornings….Arrangements can be made by contacting Nancy Lande at 978-2998 to schedule a session.
Demo loaner paddles are available by contacting Doc Savarese at 349-9065.

Pickle on and I’ll see you on the courts…….


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