Friday, 8/12 Club Members showed their talents! It was a magical night from our own President, Tom Tremont, who showed he has lots of tricks up his sleeves to the musical talents of Doc, Peter Copen, Heidi and Karen & musical guests to original songs by Jim Munger and hit of the night, original Pickleball lyrics by Fred. The Chinese Auction had 15 very happy winners but the Wine Ring Toss was the hit of the evening…..All for a good cause — over $1000 was raised for Alzheimer’s. Thanks to all who attended and all who made this happen….Special thanks to Liz and the Social Committee and the Alzheimer’s Committee.


While hanging out with a PB friend at Graeagle, she came up with a list of things we can do to improve our game that involve no skill! Ideas were:

– as often as you can, the serving team should move up the kitchen line together
– after return of serve, you should almost always get to the kitchen line
– always watch the ball
– communicate with your partner — you go, I go, etc.
– return the ball to the person moving
– face your body toward the ball
– track the ball–know where it is at all times
– stop before hitting the ball
– if you have a good shot, don’t stop to admire it, (no gloating!) follow your ball up to the kitchen
– watch YouTube videos and tournaments on TV


The 7/24 issue of Parade had an article about PIckleball with a few new PB vocabulary words……

FLAPJACK: For each serve and return of serve, players must allow the ball to bounce before they hit it. Those bouncing starters are called flapjacks, for some unknowable reason.

DILLBALL: An incoming ball that has bounced once and is thus available for you to thwack.

OPA!: After two bounce-hit sequences, players may shout “Opa!” to signify that from now on it’s OK to hit a ball out of the air (unless you’re standing in the kitchen, in which case you need to review the pickleball rules).

GOLDEN PICKLE: A golden pickle is when a team wins a pickleball game using its first serve, never allowing the opposing team to score a point, or even serve the pickleball.

PICKLED: If you fail to score any points in a game, you’ve been pickled. But that will remind you: It’s time for cocktail hour with your new pickleball besties. Order a dirty martini, with pickle juice!

New Player Orientation (Tuesdays 9:00 – 10:00)
Arrangements can be made by contacting Nancy Lande at 707 978-2998 to schedule a session.

Demo loaner paddles are available by contacting Doc Savarese at 707 349-90965.

If you know of someone in need of a card to cheer them up or for condolences, please contact Helen Selenati at 707 595-3413.


Oakmont’s Own More Joy

Back again by popular demand, Oakmont’s beloved hometown group with songs from our past that will make you laugh and cry in the same concert. More Joy is a deep and delightful quartet of artists that weave amazing harmonies throughout a broad selection of folk, country, blues and beyond.

Comedy Show at OAK

Laugh along with Steph and Tom Clark and San Franciscan Dan St. Paul about married life and getting older

King Tut’s Tomb

Revisit the life and times of King Tut’s tomb
Mondays, October 24-November 14 – 3:00-5:00 p.m.