Pickleball Corner (5/1/2019)

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  • Doc Savarese & Cartoon by Peter Copen

The quarterly Oakmont Pickleball Club meeting was held on April 4th at the Berger Center. The newly installed President, Fred Merrill, came to the meeting with his new gavel, well prepared and determined to conduct it in an hour duration. The membership chair, Maggie Schmidt, was the first to report that the current membership is 151, with more anticipated in future months (see attached picture of new members). A well prepared presentation by Vice President, Diane Naylor, brought out the most enthusiasm on the possibility of purchasing a portable backboard as a training aid. The members unanimously approve of this purchase. Snacks were made available by the Social Committee (where was the punch?). Vicki Owens prepared a written sheet on upcoming events which are as follows:

  • Orientation: commencing in May Pauly Uhr and Nancy Lande, will conduct lessons every Tuesday from 9 – 11:00 am. The first hour is for newbies and the second hour is for coached play. All residents of OVA are welcome.
  • First anniversary celebration: The event will be on June 11, 2019, celebrating the one year anniversary of the opening of the pickleball courts. The event will be held at the pickleball courts starting at 8:30 am with snacks and a player demonstration by the Mac Kinnon family beginning at 9:00 am. This event is sure to entertain everyone which will include a Pay to Play opportunity for members to participate.
  • Club meeting: The meeting will be held on July 17 at the newly remodeled East Rec Center; 3:00 pm, snacks and activities (SNAPP).

Linda Schilling, the club secretary, brought to the members attention the fact that Shuttlerfly wasn’t being utilized by the members as a form of club communication. This was very amusing since it was reported that most members either didn’t want to or didn’t know how to use the Shutterfly system. The possibility of utilizing g-mail as an alternative was open for discussion. It was decided to table the decision until further information is gathered. The meeting was concluded by asking club members to share their activities during the rainy season, which are as follows:

Jay Diment: worked on a lot of puzzles

Lynn Yeager – over eating

Peter Copen – honing my napping skills

Iris Harrell – went to warmer weather (Palm Springs)

Sandy Shaner – roller classes

Peter Gavin – increased postings on Facebook

Bill Wrightson – trips to the dentist

Peter Schmidt – hip replacement

Vicki Owens – holding more Social Committee meetings (need more punch sampling)

Russ Elmer – whereabouts unknown

Melissa Bower – played more table tennis

Everybody is looking forward to returning to the courts ASAP.


WHERE: East Rec. Center lower courts, Courts #1 and #4.

WHEN: New players (strictly beginners) Introduction to Pickleball and Coached Play (for beginners & novices), Tuesday from 9:00 – 11 a.m. The first hour is for newbies and the second hour is for coached play.

ATTIRE: Court shoes with non-marking soles.

EQUIPMENT: Balls are provided. Loaner paddles are available for introduction and coached play. These balls and paddles are for use only on the Oakmont Pickleball Courts.

WEBSITE: https://oakmontpickleball.shutterfly.com

NEW PLAYER CONTACT: Pauly Uhr, richuhr@gmail.com, 707-984-4186, and/or Nancy Lande, Nancy_lande@comcast.net, 707-978-2998



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