By Teresa Howard
Oakmont Pickleball Club’s 2021 Tournament
It doesn’t take long to discover the talents, humor, and warm companionship of the Oakmont
Pickleball Club. In fact, one simple Saturday tournament may be quite enough. Friendly
competition, delicious snacks, and an air of positivity bubbling from audience to courts.
What goes into plotting a 3 hour playoff for paddle battle bragging rights?
1. Petitioning the weather gods. Sonoma County may feel like the land of eternal sunshine,
but Mother Nature can be a wicked trickster. Slippery courts are a NO GO! Even the heavymist
variety of the original tournament date, September 18. Thanks to coordinators, Mark
Majkowski and Jim Howard, players added four extra practice weeks before enjoying
perfectly dry courts on October 16.
2. Expecting Change. From weather, to cranky knees, shoulders, or elbows, to unavoidable
out of town plans…tournament coordinators know that rosters will change on a day to day
basis. But club members’ sense of excitement never wanes. OPC coordinators simply fill
empty slots with a steady supply of alternate players.
3. Committing to a people-focus….it’s not about winning! While every pickleball player
loves hitting the 11-point mark a step ahead of those across the net, it’s the cordial
neighborly nature of the club that keeps members coming back. OPC’s Social Committee
makes sure of that. With volunteers attending tournament tables laden with fresh baked
goods and hot coffee. While beckoning a free exchange of smiles amid the pop-pop-pop of
the day’s energetic court matches. Ever at the ready with information, paddle loans, and
calendars of upcoming events.
This year’s tournament included two levels of play. A-players are self described as advanced.
While B-players are self-described as intermediate. Players score their own games, just as is
done in day to day play. Officials do NOT make calls. Trust goes a long way toward assuming
competitors are validly calling shots.
Audiences enjoyed the air of excitement surrounding eight pre-playoff matches, signaled by
officials with an oscillating bullhorn alarm. Ever supportive, members erupt into applause with
each players’ handy tool kit of moves: deep digs, corner shot serves, behind the back
placements, and power slams that could make even the most advanced players shudder.
Wrapping it up. Tournament coordinators tallied partner-scores sending top teams into the
playoffs. Heading into the finals:
A Group
Sheila Ferguson and Mike Sheppard: 44 points
Pete Gavin and Paul Ricossa: 39 points
B Group
Connie Medeiros and Linda Schilling: 33 points
Jim Munger and Mary Janney: 29 points
And the winners! A-Group: Pete Gavin & Paul Ricossa. B-Group: Connie Medeiros and Linda
Schilling. Thank you to all who represented our fun and fast paced club by participating in the
tournament. And to those who haven’t yet tried pickleball, c’mon out. We love newbies.


Sparkling Bubbles at Tasting Events Club on December 16th

Sparkling Bubbles at Tasting Events Club on December 16th.
Want to taste and compare a $110 per glass, 19-year-old exclusive Champagne with $20 to $50 Sparkling wines from around the world and Champagnes? You can at the next Tasting Events Club Event on Dec. 16th at 6pm at our Oakmont’s East Rec Center.

Unique JoRene Woodworth

In addition to Oakmont classes, JoRene leads four other classes, is certified for instructing people challenged by balance and movement, by Parkinson disease. She says she’s inspired by students and has become certified in leading exercise classes designed for senior adults.