Pickleball Pioneers Of Oakmont

  • Doc Savarese

The word “pioneer” represents those who went into unexplored territory in search of establishing a new way of life. This term can apply to the special people who forged the foundation of pickleball in Oakmont.

The genesis of pickleball in Oakmont was initiated by Jane Gyorgy who began playing at the Saddle Club. She invited Oakmont residents to play. In a short period of time, the number of players grew. Due to membership prohibitions, it became necessary to obtain permission to establish a club in Oakmont Village. This process was led by P J Savage. The Oakmont Pickleball Club was founded in 2013. The mission of the club is “to enhance the health and well-being of its participants through physical exercise, friendship and fun”.

The sport grew rapidly and it became necessary to procure temporary courts in the East Recreation Center, spearheaded by Anita Eastland and Noel Lyon. The continued evolvement of the sport facilitated the consideration of permanent courts. Deciding on the location of the courts became a laborious and often contentious process centering on financial concerns. Eventually, 6 permanent courts were developed at the East Recreational Center. Since then, the membership has swelled to 175 participants and is continually growing. Upon visiting the site, you will observe laughter, smiling and social interaction. Pickleball is a sport where everyone with different skill levels, gender, or age are welcome. Thanks to the efforts of our founding members, pickleball has evolved into one of the signature activities which promotes a healthy and active life-style in Oakmont.

WHERE: East Rec. Center lower courts, Courts #1 and #4.
WHEN: New players (strictly beginners) introduction to Pickleball / Coached Play 9For beginners & novices), Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.
ATTIRE: Court shoes with non-marking soles.
EQUIPMENT: Balls are provided. Loaner paddles are available for introduction and coached play. These balls and paddles are for use only on the Oakmont Pickleball Courts.
WEBSITE: https://oakmontpickleball.shutterfly.com
NEW PLAYER CONTACT: Shirley Lieberman, shirliber@sbcglobal.net, 537-9871.


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