Pickleball Project Facts

A pile of pickleballs.

The RFP (Request for Proposal) along with the final plan for the Sports Court project was sent to three Bidders:

  1. Northwest Engineering
  2. Siri Grading and Paving
  3. Cory Hardy Construction

Siri and Hardy submitted bids.

Siri submitted a base bid of $433,168.00

Hardy submitted a base bid of $484,000

Both bids were deemed too expensive by the Board

The majority of the board wanted to move forward with the project but with a proposed alternative by resident and pickleball player Iris Harrell. Iris is a retired general contractor who volunteered to do the project coordination which will reduce the project overhead.

Iris volunteered her time and expertise to try and get the project to a Board approved expenditure limit of $300,000 with a 10% contingency.

The original bids included up to four subcontractors per bid for the 5 sections of work:

  • Site preparation
  • Court construction
  • Landscaping
  • Sound mitigation
  • Flatwork

The Board formally approved Harrell, and Noel Lyons, former engineer, to serve as project coordinators and work with qualified contractors in an effort to get the cost of the project within the Board’s financial threshold. Any further action on this project will have to be approved by the Board.

Some, but not all, of Iris and Noel’s tasks include:

-Finding qualified and licensed contractors to complete the above 5 pieces of work specified in the RFP.

-Evaluating each component of the project and locating areas for possible savings without compromising the plan.

-They will be the liaison between the project engineer (Ken Carr – Hogan Engineering) and the project architect, Lori Cagwin, (Lori Cagwin Landscape Architecture)

The expectation is that if the project can come within the Board approved limit, the project will begin in fall of 2016.


No Man Is An Island

Gloria Young My colleagues on the OVA board of directors tasked me with sending a message out to our community on the subject of civility.