PIMD Survey Results

2019 Sonoma Wine Country Games
2019 Sonoma Wine Country Games

By Mary Blake

The Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club is always excited to have new bowlers. Bowling is 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday), starting at 12:30, through April 30th. Lessons are free. Membership is $20 per year. Club bowls (they’re called “bowls”, not “balls”) are available for practice. You must be an OVA member to participate. Email the club at oakmontlawnbowling@gmail.com if you’re interested in an introduction to lawn bowling.

The Club had 26 replies to the PIMD survey: 9 very interested, 4 mildly interested, and 13 not interested. It would cost $10 per active member to join – $650 at this point. The possible choices from the survey were:
1. Not enough people are “very interested” for the club to join, but those who want to bowl in other tournaments can pay $45 per year to join the Fresno Lawn Bowling club, entitling them to bowl in PIMD tournaments.
2. Enough people were “very interested” to split the $650 among themselves. We needed 15 “very interested” to make this cost effective.
3. Everyone was interested and we could add $10 to cost of membership.
Based on the survey, we suggesting that anyone interested in bowling in PIMD tournaments join the Fresno club. They require NO other participation. You NEVER have to travel to Fresno.

Demo Days are scheduled for May 23, July 18, and September 19. Contact Mark Johnston if you can help with Demo Day.

These games are fun and they raise money and awareness for the Council on Aging. Bowlers from throughout the Bay Area will join us for two days of tournaments on Friday, June 10, and Saturday, June 11.
Jim Krause is working closely with our landscapers to get the green in shape. The unusual winter weather hasn’t been kind to the green but with fertilizing, careful watering, and warm nights, he expects the green to be in good shape by June.
OLBC could use volunteers to help with all aspects of the games. Please contact Steve Pickell if you can help. Besides having fun and being truly appreciated, you’ll get a cool T-shirt.

The next fun game is the April Fools’ Day Tournament Friday, April 1st. And our first intra-club tournament of the year is the Men’s Pairs Tournament on Tuesday, April 19th.

Need to have all the OLBC info in one handy place? Look no further than the 2022 OLBC Green book in the Bowls Room! You’ll find contact information for all members, a calendar of all events, as well as a list of committee and board members.

Our website is: www.OakmontLawnBowling.com.
Our email address is: OakmontLawnBowling@gmail.com.


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