Playreaders (4/15/2019)

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Playreaders meet every Monday from 2-3 pm in the Central Activity Center, Room B. Visitors are always welcome. Come early so that we can meet and greet you.


On April 22, 2019 Ginna Zoleman will present Art by Yasmin Reza. Playreaders are Jackie Kokemor, Rebecca Kokemor, Ginna Zoleman and Norma Doyle.

The comedy, set in Paris, raises questions about art and friendship among three friends, Serge, Marc, and Yvan. Serge, indulging his penchant for modern art, buys a large, expensive, completely white painting. Marc is horrified, and their relationship suffers considerable strain due to differences about what constitutes “art”. Yvan, caught in the middle of the conflict, tries to please both of them. The previously solid 15-year friendship is on shaky ground and Yvan’s attempts at peace-making backfire. As their arguments become more personal, they border on destroying their friendship.

The play received the Moliere Award for Best Commercial Production in 1995, the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy in 1997, the New York Drama Critic’s Circle Best Play in 1998 and the Tony Award for Best Play and the Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy along with multiple nominations in other categories.


Yasmin Reza (1959- ) is a French playwright, an actor, a novelist and a screenwriter. Her first play in 1987 Conversations after a Burial and second play Winter Crossing both won the Molière Award for Best Author.

In September 1997, she produced the first of her eight novels. Reza wrote the screenplay adaptation of God of Carnage for the 2011 Polanski film Carnage. She won a César Award for screenwriting and the film won a Little Gold Lion at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.


On April 29th and May 6th Kay Hardy will present 4,000 Miles by Amy Herzog. Playreaders will be John Dolan, Norma Doyle, Kay Hardy, Penny MacKenzie and Ginna Zoellner.

4000 Miles is a dramatic comedy involving Leo, who suffers a traumatic loss while he is on a cross-country bike trip. He seeks solace by visiting his feisty grandmother Vera Joseph, a no-nonsense 91-year-old member of the Communist Party. Leo’s girlfriend also arrives briefly

compounding his difficulties as she breaks up with him. Over the comfort of marijuana Leo and Vera share intimate life stories and find comfort and understanding.

The play won the 2012 Obie Award for Best New American Play for 4000 Miles and was a finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama


Amy Herzog (1975- ) is an American playwright. Along with several early awards for emerging playwrights, Herzog also won the Lilly Award in 2011 for playwrighting, the , the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Play for Mary Jane in 2018 and the 2019 Horton Foote Playwriting Award by the Dramatists Guild of America. Charles Isherwood, of the The New York Times, wrote: Herzog “…has emerged in the past few years as one of the bright theatrical lights of her generation.…”



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