Playreaders: For The Age by Bill Trzeciak

Playreaders meet every Monday from 2-3 pm in the Central Activity center. Visitors are always welcome. Come early so that we can meet and greet you.


In early March Playreaders presented Talley’s Folly by Lanford Wilson and three short comedic skits. Play readers were Jeff Sheff, Norma Doyle and Al Johnson.

On April 1, 2019 Honora Clemens has invited Bill Trzeciak to present a series of comedic readings which he has scripted. The readings called For the Age take us through Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Ages of Man’ from infancy to old age. The selections come from well-known authors such as Shakespeare, Ogden Nash, Gilbert and Sullivan. Rodgers and Hammerstein, Shel Silverstein, Dorothy Parker, Delia Ephron, and Margaret Atwood, as well as unknown and local authors with vaudeville style blackout jokes along the way, The readings were created for Trzeciak’s Santa Rosa Junior college Older Adult Program class in Readers Theatre last. Fall, It was re-scripted this Spring for a cast of six to present at Oakmont

Playreaders include Honora Clemens, Al Johnson, Jeff Sheff, Bill Trzeciak, Osha Hayden and Shirley Bennett.


Bill Trzeciak,is an ex-Equity actor, earned at the Mark Taper Forum. He has performed and directed in road companies of Shakespeare productions, acted in summer stock on Cape Cod, and has acted or directed in over fifty community and college productions from coast-to-coast. He has done voice over and hosted work on small market radio and television. He has also taught acting, improv, and Readers Theatre.


On April 8th and 15th Ginny Smith will stage Summer’s End by Eric Chappell. Readers are Jane Borr, Honora Clemens, Ann Gero, Dennis Hall, Ginny Smith and Ginna Zoellner.

The play takes us to a cozy retirement home which hides a dark secret. As with any good whodunit, onlookers are kept guessing to the end. The play is largely dominated by the clash of personalities that fill the small room where Emily and May reside. They each offer sharp observations on the latest round of obituaries in the newspaper. but underneath the surface of the classic murder plot lies a poignant story of the loneliness of old age. The belligerent Emily is convinced that a deadly conspiracy was masterminded by staff, while May attempts to temper what surely must be wild fantasies. Emily believes two of her children

have emigrated to escape her and May finds solace in the bottle over her lack of communication with son Frank.

The sub-plot provides an intriguing distraction as the story edges ever closer to a thrilling conclusion. Until the final scene we are left wondering how the story will end and the play provides a perfect marriage of comedy and tragedy.


Eric Chappell (1933- ) is an English comedy writer who wrote and co-wrote a number of the UK’s biggest sitcom hits during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. His successes have resulted in several PYE TV awards, a BAFTA for best situation comedy and the Evening Standard Film Award. He is undoubtedly, one of the most prolific and successful comedy writers in England.



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