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Oakmont Playreaders conclude the reading of David Lindsay-Abaire’s spicy “Good People” at 2pm in the CAC July 12. Audiences are welcomed for free to the fresh, live readings by neighbors – a fun alternative to electronic media.
Comic twists make for a brisk pace in this multiple-award-winning play that critics call Lindsay-Abaire’s best. “Good People” is a funny and compelling story concerning a single mother that loses her job while she was working at a dollar store. She became desperate to provide for her adult daughter who was disabled and avoid the eviction that she tracks down an old crash or flame and begs him for employment. He is a doctor, successful and had left behind the early life of Southie in the past and was leaving in a wealthy hill in Chestnut. Both of their worlds collide, and that reveals the meaning behind being destitute within a culture which is pursuing the American Dream and also believes that opportunity presents itself anywhere.

The Play revolves around the middle-aged mother called Margaret who has been spending her entire life in the primary insular and Irish Boston region called Southie. She inevitably dropped out school so that she could raise her baby while she was still a teenager and has been spending her entire life taking care of the daughter. Margaret, as a result, works at low wage jobs and she makes barely enough just to get by. Her young boss was ordered to fire her by the upper management attributed to her tardiness. In the following scene, she talks to Dottie and Jean where they try to evaluate the place in which she can get another job. The meeting between Mike (the doctor/ old flame) and Margaret is a turning point where the play is brought into question problems with regards to individual needs, class, social responsibility, community ideas and the matter of gender and race specifically as they impact the opportunities for financial and social mobility. Players are Ginny Smith, D. Hall, Jackie Kokemor, John Dolan, Ginna Zoellner, Ron White, Honora Clemens, and Carole Johnson. Al Johnson in the producer/director.

On July 19, D. Hall will present Playreader’s version of the raucous “Let Him Sleep til It’s Time for the Funeral,” by Peg Kehret. It features Evelyn Zigmont, Jane Borr, Honora Clemens, Malcolm Wing, and Jeff Sheff,.


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