Pool Closure and Charging Station Available

Charging Station Available

Are you in need of electricity to charge your mobile device? OVA is providing a charging station outside of 6637 Oakmont Drive, Suite B (off of Laurel Leaf Place, but please park in the OVA Admin Office parking lot). Visitors may walk up to the entrance of Suite B to plug in their mobile device into one of the available power strips between 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Visitors must practice social distancing and wear a mask.

Indoor access to Suite B and all surrounding OVA facilities will remain closed.

Charging stations are self-serve. Visitors must bring their own charging cables, blocks, etc. Only power strips with outlets will be available.

Visitors are encouraged to wait nearby and to keep track of their mobile devices. OVA cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items left unattended at the Suite B Charging Station.

Pool Are Closed

During the power outages in Oakmont, all pools are closed. We will send out announcements by email as soon as the pools can be reopened.

Cooling Station Unavailable

We have received inquiries from the community about the availability of cooling stations, similar to those provided during 2019’s Fire Season.

Unfortunately, we are limited by the following two factors:

  • We do not yet have a generator operating at the Central Complex to provide power to the Berger Center and Central Activity Center, as was done in 2019.
  • Even when the generator for the Central Complex is functioning, OVA will remain limited by County regulations regarding COVID-19, meaning that we may only be able to have 10 people inside of any facility at a given time, as opposed to the 100+ visitors to the 2019 cooling stations.

That being said, we are working diligently to seek out ways to provide these valuable resources to the community.