Power Shutdown’s Effects in Oakmont

(Updated Monday, Oct. 14)

Marty Thompson

The planned October power outage by PG&E prompted a shutdown of Oakmont facilities, cancellation of events and a surge of gratitude to the owners of Oakmont Village Market who managed to keep their doors open.

The blackout lasted from the predawn hours Wednesday, Oct. 10 through  that Friday, with the last power restoration in the area east of Pythian Road.

Dark night skies made a nearly full moon and sky full of stars easy viewing.

The nights were punctuated by light from a few homes where residents had installed generators.

OVA facilities were closed, cancelling events scheduled there.

Dave and Laura Arcado made new friends for their Village Market by keeping the doors open to fill people’s needs for food. Arcado bought dry ice to help preserve cold food and hauled in the generator from the couples’ RV.

Nick Raia, owner of the neighboring Oakmont Barber Shop, loaned the Arcados the generator from his RV. “Glad to help. We have good people there.”

Laura Arcado, working at a hot food table outside the market Thursday, said “We intend to be open the whole time,” keeping regular store hours.

“This store is awesome,” said customer Tony Lacowicz. Resident Jean Nattkemper praised the market’s coffee, for which she is a regular. “One lady told me she lost everything in her refrigerator.”

The Oakmont Art Association’s 47thannual Art Show was canceled due to closure of the Berger Center during the time that would have been required to set up the show. Leader Phil Wilkinson said in a message to members that the Berger had been reserved for Jan. 29-30 and Feb. 1 with the hope that artists, vendors and others could organize a show on those dates.

Breakfast at the Community Garden, which was planned to be open to all in Oakmont on Saturday, Oct. 12, was canceled, with organizers citing “melting fridge contents” among other pressing concerns.

As power was coming back on, OVA asked residents to “please be patient as setups for events must be delayed while the maintenance team prepares our HVAC, electrical and card reader systems.”

The West Rec Center reopened Saturday morning, Oct. 12, and the West Pool opening was set for Monday morning, Oct. 14.

The Berger Center opened for the weekend.

All parts of the Central Activities Center building reopened Saturday, Oct. 12. The newly replastered Central Pool remained closed while water is stabilized.

The East Rec Center was in the final area to regain power. The ERC and east pool were open on Monday, Oct. 14.