Preparing for Emergencies

A Santa Rosa fire engine prepare to defend homes along Stone Bridge Road from the 2020 Glass wildfire (Alvin A.H. Jornada, The Press Democrat - permission granted for use in this article)
A Santa Rosa fire engine prepare to defend homes along Stone Bridge Road from the 2020 Glass wildfire (Alvin A.H. Jornada, The Press Democrat - permission granted for use in this article)

We are headed to the heart of fire season yet again, and it’s time to make sure we are prepared. In 2018, after the 2017 firestorms in Northern California, Ann Benson & Katy Carrell gathered a group of 30 Oakmont Rainbow Women (ORW) who wanted to work together to prepare ourselves for natural disaster emergencies that could affect our community. This “E-Prep” group first divided into teams to research various preparedness topics. The teams then gave PowerPoint presentations on a full range of those topics to educate the whole E-Prep Group and all of ORW. An E-Prep Manual, with educational materials and action checklists on defensible space, home hardening, go bags, stay bags, and more, was also developed by the group.
The tremendous success of the E-Prep Manual for helping ORW members become better prepared for natural disasters was noted by our larger Oakmont Village community. After many requests to get a copy of this valuable tool, the ORW E-Prep Manual was made available to anyone wanting to prepare for natural disasters. It is available at the Oakmont Rainbow Women Website for all to use.
If you put the following link into your browser, you can download the manual or review it on-line.

The manual covers both fire and earthquake preparedness. It is divided into 4 sections with useful checklists and lists of resources:

Section 1: House Exterior: What can we do now to prepare
Section 2: House Interior: What can we do now to prepare
Section 3: Preparing Emergency Kits (Go-Bags and Shelter-In-Place)
Section 4: When Disaster Strikes
Please note that the ORW E-Prep manual is intended to provide helpful information regarding emergency preparedness. It was lovingly created by a group of volunteers who are not responsible or liable for negative consequences from such preparation.
The E-Prep manual is a good starting point, but the efforts for fire safety in Oakmont are continuing to evolve and improve. As a continuation of their original emergency preparation work, organizers of the first ORW E-Prep group have also begun promoting the use of “Map Your Neighborhood” within the ORW community and the whole of Oakmont Village.
Map Your Neighborhood is a national program designed to save lives when an emergency or disaster strikes, based on the premise that the best resource in an emergency is most often your close neighbors. The MYN E-Prep Group encourages and supports members as they prepare themselves and their neighborhoods to save lives in an emergency. Anyone can join anytime. Learn more about Oakmont’s MYN Program using this link
The Emergency Preparedness Manuel itself will be updated and included with the MYN handouts given to new residents. According to Katy Carrell, one of the coordinators for new resident information, MYN, and an ORW member; the updates will be completed by fall.


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