President’s Message (12/21/2018)

Last Updated: 12-21-18

This President’s Message will also appear in the January 1 Oakmont News.

I don’t think I’ve anticipated a new year more eagerly than 2019. The first quarter will see the completion of the East Rec renovation project. We’ll get two things out of this project. First, we’ll get a modernized, ADA-compliant facility with greater capacity and capabilities. Second, we’ll get a raft of data that will feed a post project report analyzing what went right, what went wrong and how we can do better in the future.

Boards don’t necessarily know the latest project management techniques, so our project process training project aims to fill this gap. The output of the effort will be a training class for board members that will introduce the concept of phased project management, which will help them better oversee large projects. It will be useful for all future boards.

The theme of producing things useful for all future boards continues with the initiation of a project that will help Oakmont’s sub-associations manage themselves better and more easily. Up till now, OVA has maintained an arm’s length relationship with our 37 sub-associations. That can’t continue if we want to make Oakmont as fire-safe as possible and accomplish other
community-wide goals, so OVA will offer various forms of help. There will be much more to come on this project, which is just starting up.

Also just starting up is work toward the creation of a comprehensive safety plan for all of Oakmont. Our January workshop will provide current status and plans from our three safety-related organizations. We anticipate the end result of this project will at least include a handbook of useful information covering such topics as how to get information about natural disasters, escape plans, pre-disaster mitigation strategies and more. We can no longer avoid confronting safety issues that should have been confronted years ago. 2019 will see us catch up on the safety front.

2019 will also see more focused committee and OVA staff work. LRPC has already jumped on the bandwagon with four deliverables due by the end of March 2019.

In today’s fast-paced society, yearly goals are too distant and too often irrelevant by year’s end. Quarterly goals focus efforts and ensure everyone working on Oakmont’s behalf knows what they’re supposed to be doing in a manageable time period.

The board will work with all committees to ensure they have goals each quarter. Committee reports following the conclusion of each quarter will allow committees to report on progress toward those goals. The OVA staff will also be provided with quarterly goals upon which performance will be analyzed with an eye toward helping each OVA staff member improve their performance over time so they may better serve Oakmont.

2019 will also see work toward the creation of a leadership curriculum consisting of classes that will shorten the time required for board, committee and sub-association members to come up to speed on their jobs. This will have the dual benefit of improving overall community productivity and satisfaction as well as increasing the number of Oakmonters who will want to, and feel capable of, filling leadership roles. Succession planning will also be addressed. In a community that relies on volunteer support, making the volunteers more effective makes Oakmont
governance more effective, which makes Oakmont a safer, more enjoyable place to live.

There is more to report on the committee front. The bylaws committee plans to present a series of bylaws update suggestions to the board in the first quarter of 2019. The fire safety committee has applied for millions of dollars of grants to help mitigate fire danger in our community. The landscape improvement committee will be working more closely with the maintenance team to ensure Oakmont becomes ever more attractive.

Recently, the dog park committee, the community education and transparency committee, the finance policy revision committee, the architectural committee and the Oakmont community development
committee all added new members, dramatically increasing the work these committees will be able to accomplish in 2019.

Of course, everyone wants to know about the fate of the golf club and the future of the Berger Center. On the golf course front, the creation of a new cross-discipline committee consisting of OVA members without golf club affiliations is a milestone event. And the afore-mentioned LRPC deliverables will provide needed data that will ultimately help us determine the future of both the Berger Center and the central complex.

These are just some of things I look forward to when I think about 2019. By year’s end, I feel confident that, regardless of the state of the world outside our community, things will be better here at home. Best wishes to each of you for a happy, healthy 2019.