Progressives: Holiday Social & Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The December meeting of the Oakmont Progressives will be held on Monday, December 10, at the West Rec center beginning at 6:30 PM. We’ll start with a HOLIDAY SOCIAL – BYOB and Potluck Appetizers. The program will include:

* A brief recap of the election results from a Progressive Perspective – as always, a mixed bag, but we can take some time to celebrate some real gains and the possibility of a congress which will check the drift of the country toward authoritarian rule.

* A special showing of the film RBG, a bio-pic of the remarkable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

At the age of 85, Ginsburg has unexpectedly become something of a Pop Culture Icon. But more importantly from our perspective, she is a powerful legal analyst and voice for the limitation of corporate power and governmental abuse of power. The film explores her life and career, and the personal journey which led her to the nation’s highest court.


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