Quilting Bee 9/15/2018

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  • by Elizabeth McDonnel

Two upcoming quilt shows were discussed by our members: Quilting in the Garden is an outdoor show September 22 and 23 in the Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore with quilts hanging on lines strung in the trees. Eleanor Burns will be the featured quilter. The Pacific International Quilt Festival is October 11 – 14th in Santa Clara. Both quilt guilds sponsor a bus; if there is enough interest, Meissner Sewing may possibly send a bus from Santa Rosa.

Mary Ann Allen gave us a report on her fun quilt retreat spent at So. Lake Tahoe the previous week. She enjoyed her time and spent mornings sewing with her machine and afternoons appliqueing her latest project. She then discussed her thoughts for our picnic to be held September 26 in the CAC patio. Box lunches would be available from the Village Market and perhaps Joan could be persuaded to have a game or two for the group.

Cathy Rapp showed small reading glasses that attach to her regular glasses which magnify her applique and other hand work. She then showed us a second set of prescription glasses she purchased from an optic company, which have a magnifier attached with a light. She much prefers the second set of glasses and passed both around for us to look through.

Vicki Chambers had four quilts she pulled out of her bag to share with us. Her applique choices are such fun and always amaze us. She showed cute Sunbonnet Sues, baskets, baby toys, puppies and kittens. Leigh Uselton showed us receiving blankets she has been making and had a question or two about whether they needed stabilizing stitches on them. Cathy Rapp showed a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt her great grandmother made and which she and her sisters used as small children; it sadly exhibited many years of use. Cathy told of her idea to take the quit apart leaving the “flowers” in one piece and then “float” them on gray fabric such as done in the “modern quilt” method. Her quilt will be very striking and repurpose Cathy’s Great Grandmother’s work.

Celeste White told of using paper piecing to make a water wheel block and after completing the block decided one was enough. She chose to use the block and another block made with the same fabric, to make a large bag to hold her rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler. She also showed a book cover she made and a table runner, describing the process and stitching utilized for each project.

Joann Fuller told us a sewing basket at church was filled with about 200 6”x6” blocks someone made, many of which are embroidered. Joann has started sewing them together for quilts to be given to those that need them.

The Quilting Bee meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in the Arts and Crafts room from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. For further information please call Elizabeth McDonnell at 538-2523.


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