Randol, Van Bockern Join OVA Board

Oakmont News Staff

            Mark Randol and Wayne Van Bockern were newly elected and Heidi Klyn, Noel Lyons and Jeff Young were re-elected to the Oakmont Village Association Board of Directors, according to results released April 5.

            The vote totals are Lyons, 1,174; Randol, 1,171; Klyn, 1,143; Young, 989, and Van Bockern, 763. As the candidates wit the most votes, Lyons, Klyn and Young will serve two-year terms. Van Bockern received a one-year term.

            The election results were announced at alive-streamed organizational meeting. The new board then re-elected Tom Kendrick, president; Klyn, vice president; Lyons, secretary, and Elke Strunka, treasurer.

            Kendrick thanked Carolyn Bettencourt and Marianne Neufeld, who were leaving the board, for their work. He said Bettencourt asked “good, tough” questions and worked hard to help the board understand complex issues. He called Neufeld “a mainstay” in many roles and thanked her for her “tremendous work” on fire safety. Lyons said “We were fortunate and blessed to have both of you.” 

OVA Election At-a-Glance

            Results of the 2021 OVA Board election, in which 1,460 votes were cast:

Noel Lyons 1,174

Mark Randol 1,171

Heidi Klyn 1,143

Jeff Young 989

Wayne Van Bockern 763

Ken Smith 752

New OVA Board: Left to right outside the Berger Center with Peanuts character Woodstock : Jeff Marzak, Noel Lyons, Mark Randol, Elke Strunka, Heidi Klyn, Wayne Van Bockern, Jeff Young and Tom Kendricks. (Photo by Julie Kiil)


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