Jim Knapp prepares to shoot a point-scoring opponent's boule.
Jim Knapp prepares to shoot a point-scoring opponent's boule.

Nancy LaPorte points as teammates Evelyn Zigmont and Barbara Lowell look on.

Regular Pétanque Club play at 9:45 a.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays resumed on April 10 with Sonoma County’s movement to the Orange tier. Ten Club members turned out to celebrate the reopening.
Under the Club’s Revised Reopening Rules players must wear a mask covering mouth and nose at all times except when in the circle to throw and must maintain a minimum 6 foot social distance from others at all times. A maximum of 12 may play simultaneously (two teams of triples on each of the side courts), leaving the center court open until the prevailing Health Order is further clarified.
Players should not touch others’ boules for any reason and each team must designate one person to handle its own cochonnet. In each game, one person should be designated to retrieve score boards and circles from the Club locker, mount the score boards, and return the score boards and circles to the locker. Determination of teams should be by verbal agreement. Players should carry personal sanitizer and sanitize hands frequently.
No one who is feeling ill or has a temperature over 100 degrees should appear at the courts. Until OVA resupplies chairs and benches, chairs must be brought from home if wanted. When benches and chairs are re-supplied, the minimum 6 foot social distancing must be maintained and masks must be worn.
The Oakmont Pétanque courts are located between Berger and the OVA offices/Umpqua Bank. The Club meets at the courts every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:45 a.m., followed by open play at 10 a.m. with teams randomly assigned. The courts are also reserved for play from 9:45 a.m. – noon every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and available for player-arranged games at all other times and days.
The Club warmly welcomes all Oakmonters. Pétanque is easy to learn and compete equally regardless of age, gender, or level of mobility. No prior experience is required. We have boules to lend, and we’ll have you playing immediately. Our first 2021 tourney, the Bastille Day Tournament, is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, July 14.

The International Pétanque Federation (FIPJP) has made several rules changes regarding placement of the cochonnet (jack) for national and international competitions played on defined courts. Local clubs will have to consider whether to apply these changes for competitions and friendly play on their terrains.
To be legal under the old rules the cochonnet had to be placed at least one meter from any end line, side line, or obstacle, such as trees, shrubs, light posts, etc. Under the revised rules, the cochonnet must be at least 50 centimeters (half the former distance) from any end line or obstacle. The distance requirement from side lines has been eliminated. So now the cochonnet is legal if it “cozies right up to” or even rests on a sideline.

Pétanque Club members Linda McPherson, Barbara Lowell, Jim Knapp, Max Hinchman, Margi Nielsen, Shari Downs, Nancy LaPorte, Gordon Blumenfeld, Evelyn Zigmont, and Don McPherson (photographer) gathered on April 10 for the resumption of regular Wednesday/Saturday Club play.


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