Remembering Mike Harris

September 15,1941 – May 20,2021

Mike was a big advocate for the Fitness Center. He was one of the reasons that the Fitness Center was enlarged from the dark and dingy closet to the large and open Center that we have today. Mike was one of many voices who approached the OVA board about the possibility of the remodel. In addition, he was instrumental in the removal and set up of the temporary Fitness Center at the lower level of the West Recreation Center. He also planned out how the equipment would be set up and arranged in the new facility. During this time Mike was also the acting President of the Fitness Club. Mike helped maintain the equipment, making repairs so that the equipment repair people would not need to come out thus saving time with equipment being unavailable. Overall, Mike was a large part of the Oakmont Community and will be missed.


Back To Broadway

David Burnham was last seen on Broadway in the mega-hit musical, “Wicked”, playing Fiyero, a role that he originated in the developmental workshops of the show.