Oakmont 2030, the visioning of what Oakmont can look like in the year 2030, is in full swing. It is fun, the mood is energetic, and the ideas forthcoming are exciting. There is concern, however, that there are a number of residents who don’t drive and may not have an opportunity to participate in the in-person conversations and Oakmont Volunteer Helpers would like to assist anyone who would like a ride to Berger Center for one of the sessions. All you have to do is contact the current Coordinator, whose phone number is listed in the gray box on the OVA page at the back of the Oakmont News. There is still time to participate in Oakmont Tomorrow conversations on August 26, 29 and 31, so give us a call and arrange a ride.

Also, we are in need of a couple of people to serve as Coordinators, matching those who request a ride with a driver. Call Matt Zwerling (707-539-8996) for particulars. And we would love to have someone step up and join our great Board – not a lot of work and another way to volunteer!