Rides Within Oakmont, Caregiver Support, & How You Can Help

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  • Matt Zwerling

“Hello, this is John Smythe. I need a ride to a doctor’s appointment next week. Can Oakmont Volunteer Helpers (OVH) help?” “Yes, we can,” a volunteer Coordinator replies.

OVH has a variety of free volunteer-coordinated services designed for our unique community. Our primary service is to provide rides for residents who cannot drive themselves to medically related appointments within Santa Rosa and to Safeway on Calistoga Road. With a minimum of three working days’ notice we can usually fill a request for a ride.

OVH has over 60 volunteer drivers available to provide rides for residents who otherwise would have to rely on family members, kind neighbors or various taxi services.

Contact the current Coordinator whose name is listed in the shaded box on the next-to-last page of the Oakmont News.


“Hi Mary. Do you want to go to the Sunday Symposium next week with me? We can call Rides Within Oakmont and arrange a ride.” Oakmont residents who no longer drive can get to activities and services in Oakmont such as the bank, the gym, Movies at Oakmont, Sunday Symposium, the beauty salon, etc. This service helps Oakmont residents secure basic needs and remain socially active.

Call the Coordinator with at least three days’ notice.


Do you have a family member or loved one who has a life-threatening illness or chronic debilitating condition such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s that requires you to assume the daunting role of caregiver? You are not alone. OVH sponsors the Oakmont Caregiver Support Group, a professionally facilitated group that meets twice a month on Wednesday mornings from 10:30 – 12:00. You can drop in anytime to capture a wealth of practical information about the nuts and bolts of caregiving as well as ways to cope with the loneliness, frustration, and uncertainty common with this life challenge. The mutual nurturing gained from and given to those on a similar path is remarkably uplifting and restorative.

Contact Vickie Jackanich (707-595-3054) for further information.


Do qualify for the Meals on Wheels program? The short answer is most likely yes. OVH provides the drivers who deliver meals to seniors in our community through the Meals on Wheels program offered by the Sonoma County Council on Aging (COA). Oakmont residents can contact the COA (707-525-0143) for information on eligibility, services and/or to arrange for delivery.


Become a driver
Become a Coordinator – we have an urgent need for Coordinators who take a two-week shift, work from home and spend, on average, no more than an hour a day arranging rides with our drivers and residents.

To sign up for this important, rewarding and much appreciated service, or for more information call Matt Zwerling (707-539-8996).


Caregiver Support Group

SUPPORT is available…when YOU are caring for another “It’s my anchor….” “Very supportive and professional….” “Knowing that I’m not alone….” These are recent comments about