John Phillips

We are into our third week of being open with no restrictions, other than wiping the machines down, which is not a new rule. It has, however, come to my attention that we may need to review some of the rules and requests. The biggest violator is the cell phone. It is okay to have your phone with you to provide music or whatever, but when it rings, please take it outside. No one needs to hear a one-sided conversation on what is going on in your life and I don’t think you want to share everything with your neighbors.

The second is proper attire and foot wear. Please wear comfortable clothing, preferable made for working out. No skirts or items that flow too much, as they may get caught in the machines. As for shoes, rubber soled athletic shoes are recommended. Shoes must have a back strap and covered toes to prevent slipping and injury.

I realize that the signs that were posted on the leg press and the AB/AD leg machines are missing but the rule still stands, “please do not read on them”. Yes, I know that they can be comfortable but they are not for reading. It should only take you approximately 5 minutes on a machine to complete three sets. If you are reading between set or during, then you are holding up other members who want to use these machines.

The time limit on the cardio machines is now at 30 minutes as long as someone is waiting. It is up to you to let the person on the machine know that you are waiting.

Finally, this is not so much a rule, but a suggestion. We are all adults and hopefully will act like adults. Be considerate of others, no need to be mean to someone if they take a little longer on a piece of equipment than you think they should. They may not be willing to let you work in as they may have issues with their mobility and getting in and out of some machines.

If you have any questions regarding this or any fitness issue, please contact me by phone or text at 707-494-9086 or email I would also like to remind everyone that the Push Your Potential Class (Interval Training) is still available on Zoom and now in person at 2 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the West Lower Recreation Center.


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