What happens when “Holidays” aren’t so “Happy?” Sometimes family and friends are out of touch…or reach. Remembering former celebrations can depress when today’s reality can’t match. Often circumstances are overwhelming, especially during the holidays.

In a recent column, syndicated columnist Susan Deitz indirectly addresses such circumstances. She opines “…most of life’s richness comes from being in the present moment. And oddly, that seemingly simple task takes the most effort.”

Being in the present moment takes a plan, specifically, exercising with a qualified and strong leader. Oakmont Health Initiative has such a leader. JoRene does the thinking; all the student need do is follow. The repertoire JoRene has designed includes exercising the entire body and mind.

While leading exercises, JoRene will throw out challenges such as: “Spell ‘Mississippi’…Backward.” Or she’ll ask, “what did you eat for lunch yesterday?” Mental gymnastics coupled with multi-faceted physical exercise routines rule out thinking about anything except present tense! Writer Dietz would approve. Extra bonuses come from enjoying the company of other exercisers and the upbeat music of JoRene’s playlists.

Meanwhile, endorphins and dopamine surge to fight pain receptors. These endogenous opioid neuropeptides and peptide hormones (mood-boosters) leave the exerciser feeling oh-so-fine.

“These classes boost my body and soul,” reports exerciser Theresa. “it’s like I’ve given my body a boost and my brain a rest.” She concludes: “After every class, I’m happy I showed up.”

The best plan for happy holidays is to include Oakmont Health Initiative. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00, Berger, on Zoom (967 9942 2442 passcode 573596) and are live-recorded accessible via OHI website.

Words of caution: JoRene’s classes are free and open for all residents of Oakmont, however if you’ve not been in an exercise program for a while, it would be best to check with your doctor before trying an hour of aerobics three times a week. Please remember to mask (until further notice,) wear appropriate shoes and bring water for hydration. Classes use weights and yoga/exercise mats as well.


Sparkling Bubbles at Tasting Events Club on December 16th

Sparkling Bubbles at Tasting Events Club on December 16th.
Want to taste and compare a $110 per glass, 19-year-old exclusive Champagne with $20 to $50 Sparkling wines from around the world and Champagnes? You can at the next Tasting Events Club Event on Dec. 16th at 6pm at our Oakmont’s East Rec Center.

Unique JoRene Woodworth

In addition to Oakmont classes, JoRene leads four other classes, is certified for instructing people challenged by balance and movement, by Parkinson disease. She says she’s inspired by students and has become certified in leading exercise classes designed for senior adults.