The City of Santa Rosa is in the process of updating its General Plan, which addresses issues related to the physical development and growth of Santa Rosa. It represents a community’s aspirations for the next 20 years. The General Plan is often described as a blueprint or constitution for land use, development, mobility, health, sustainability, equity, and resource decisions. It is required by state law to address land use conservation. open space, circulation, housing, noise, safety and environmental justice.

This plan is critical to Oakmont residents. To ensure the plan serves the interests of Oakmont residents, it is necessary for us to be involved and make sure our ideas and feedback is heard and considered. There are a number of ways to do this. The general plan update process is called Santa Rosa Forward, and its websites is at There, you can educate yourself, access documents, take a survey, sign up for notices, attend meetings, and submit comments.

There is an advisory committee for the general plan update, that is called the Community Advisory Committee. It is made up of Santa Rosa residents appointed by the City from its various neighborhoods. Oakmont Village resident Hugh Helm has been appointed by the City to this committee as an Oakmont Village community representative. Please feel free to email Hugh at with your ideas and input on the plan.


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