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A drop-in meditation group which averages 15 people per session, of all religious persuasions (and none), meets every Saturday morning at 10:30, (even on holidays) with a short talk about meditation principles (chiefly, but not exclusively, based on Buddhist ideas – meditation is a universal practice). A 40-minute period of silence follows the short opening talk, and then those who wish may stay for another half hour of discussion about their experience. Session closes at 12 noon at the latest. Since participants are seniors, most sit in chairs in a circle, but anyone who wishes to sit on a floor cushion is welcome to do so. Beginner meditators are advised to call Barbara Kanowick 539-2733 or email her at in advance, for the “how-to’s” of sitting.
Meeting Details:

Saturday Mornings at 10:30 am, Room. B, Central Activities Center
Contact Information:

Barbara Kanowick
Phone: 539-2733