Sheep Herding Dog FOUND

She has been FOUND! Thank you to everyone who submitted tips and information to help locate the lost Border Collie, your efforts are all greatly appreciated.

Yesterday, Monday, May 23, at around 3 – 5 p.m., the herding dog that helps guide the sheep to their grazing destinations roamed away from the wooly weeders and has not since been relocated. Please keep an eye out for a female black Border Collie. If found, please report to the OVA Admin Office by calling (707) 539-1611 or emailing

OVA’s annual practice of hiring a herd of sheep to eat away the tall grass in Oakmont will commence again soon. Although the sheep have not yet begun their work on OVA property, they have begun eating tall grasses within Sub-HOAs that have hired the sheep for weed abatement.