Sheep Here for Spring Grass Mowing

Staff Report

Photos by Julie Kiil

           The herd of Central Valley sheep Oakmont hires to chew down tall grass each spring went to work May 23 on this year’s rain-fed tall crop adjacent to the Community Garden on Stone Bridge Road.

Herd at work along Stone Bridge Road

Shepherd Edgar Montari Pastrana stays in a camper and oversees his

herd’s work and safety.

From the Community Garden, the sheep were to move to fields behind Silver Creek Circle and then to the hillside around the par course. From there, they go on to the East Recreation Center area, and then to work for two sub-HOAs.

Edgar and his shepherd dog.

Mr. Pastrana works for Living Systems Land Management of Coalinga. OVA pays the company about $24,000 to clean up 24 acres of land.

A lamb with its mother, part of the herd.


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