Shifting Structures
Marisol Muñoz-Kiehne PhD

Our land is on fire.
Sometimes we humans forget
that we are all close neighbors.

Large and long-standing problems as racism become systemic, ingrained in prevailing structures, signaling the need for significant shifts in same systems and structures. The widespread and deep suffering and damage brought about by racial injustice and related forms of oppression call for each and all of us to examine our participation in perpetuating or preventing further pain.

Self-reflection on our intentions and impact as individuals is important, and is the subject of other writings. This article serves as an announcement of a shift in the structure of the Standing for Justice club, resulting from an analysis of how to most effectively address the current threats to justice and democracy in the USA.

While the SFJ club remains non-partisan in principle, we recognize that so far it is the Democratic Party that has chosen to align itself with antiracist policies and practices, such as combating voting suppression in communities of color, and addressing inequities in our National health, education, and legal systems. Responding to the urgency of mobilizing along these lines due to the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections, we are shifting the structure and activities of the club to join forces with the Oakmont Democratic Club.

From their unity,
browns, greens, water make compost,
fertilize the soil.

Standing for Justice Now

The mission of the Standing for Justice (SFJ) club is to advocate for and advance racial justice via education, dialogue, and civic action. We are committed to learning, engaging in conversation and debate, and supporting efforts promoting justice and the non-violent eradication of attitudes, actions, and policies that perpetuate systemic racism and oppression. We work to promote equity and justice in our daily actions. Under the racial justice umbrella we take into account the intersectionality of oppression, and include environmental, health care, housing, economic, education, labor, child & elder care justice, voting rights and law reform.

Our education efforts include publishing informational and inspirational articles in the Oakmont News, disseminating leads to readings/films/seminars/organizations/events, and presenting dialogue-promoting educational forums in conjunction with the Oakmont Democratic Club (ODC).

We invite engagement in local/regional/State/National/international civic action, and relevant actions are announced via email communications.

Interactive forums will be presented quarterly at the ODC’s regular meeting time, which is the 4th Thursday of each month, with socializing at 6:30 pm, program starting at 7:00 pm, and ending at 8:00 pm.

Civic actions and events are scheduled on an ongoing basis.

All Oakmont residents are welcome to join the Standing for Justice club, which has no membership fee, and are highly encouraged to join the Oakmont Democratic Club, with an annual membership fee of $25, via the ODC website (

What is fair and just
is noble, virtuous, wise.
And better for all.

For more information and to be included in the SFJ email list, contact our co-facilitators: Kathie Weston or Robin Jurs


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