This event has already happened.

August 24 at 11:30 A.M. at the East Rec. Center the two SIR branches in Oakmont will merge into one. Seniors in Retirement (SIR) 92 will welcome the members of the sister branch. An additional celebration will honor Wendell Freeman who turns 100 on 8/27/22.

SIR 92 will also host a member of the SIR State entity which oversees mergers and are monitoring the opening up of membership in SIR 92 to women. SIR 92 is proud of its efforts to including women on its rolls and encourages more women to join. Everyone is welcome to check us out and attend our events with timely reservations made.

Mark your calendar for September 28, 2022 at 11:30 A.M. at the East Rec. We have the pleasure of featuring Heidi Klyn as our luncheon speaker. More on all this on our website: