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If you are looking for something interesting to do, we invite you to join our group of retired (and semi-retired) gentlemen who absolutely insist on enjoying ourselves with new and old friends. We gather ourselves up at least once a month for conversation, lunch and perhaps a refreshing beverage or two at the East Rec Center. We are the Robert Ripley Branch #53 (Believe It or Not) of the statewide Sons in Retirement.

Every month we have a guest speaker, and we have heard great range of subjects from the state of the Santa Rosa Symphony, what’s new in counter-terrorism, how to write your autobiography, history of the Melita train station, and a near-endless list of other topics. Twice yearly, we invite the ladies and/or partners, for the Ladies Lunch in the summer and the Holiday Dinner in December.

For smaller groups, we enjoy “Dining Out with Friends” exploring different restaurants around Santa Rosa. And monthly Golf tournaments, the Poker Games, the Book Club and Special Trips far and wide with and without other SIR Branches. For more specific information, please visit our website at

SIRs is a non-profit public benefit organization for retired men, welcoming all men regardless of age, race, national origin or religion. We are not here to raise money nor do we have a political agenda. Neither do we sell magazines, light bulbs nor anything else. About the only thing we insist upon is enjoying ourselves and being kind with each other.

Meeting Details:
Berger Center
3rd Thursday of every month
Meetings start at 11:00 AM
Lunch provided by Oakmont Village Market.
Contact Information:
Attending a meeting: Dave McCuan (707) 539-3028
Joining SIR #53: Dave McCuan (707) 539-3028