Solar Work Restricts Parking

     Parking at all three Oakmont recreation facilities will be significantly restricted for the next several months as workers install canopy-mounted solar power systems in the parking lots.
  The job sites will be open from 7a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday starting the week of Sept. 14. Parking restrictions will continue until work is completed in 2021. The solar systems are expected to completely offset annual electricity costs for the three buildings.
     The solar installations provided by Solar Craft of Novato “will look much like the systems many of us have seen at Kaiser and Sutter facilities,” said David Dearden, vice chair of Oakmont’s Building Construction Committee. “Those parking under the solar canopies will enjoy shaded stalls.”
     Dearden said the work will include excavation, concrete pouring and steel installation. Many activities will involve heavy equipment and residents are asked to stay well away from the construction areas.
    Crews will cordon off parking lots at each of the rec centers starting Sunday, Sept. 13. Here are the planned restrictions at each rec facility lot:

* At the Berger, the central part of the parking lot will be closed. Residents can park at the west end of the lot in front of the Berger and at the far east end of the lot by the Postal Service drive-through drop box. Vehical and pedestrian traffic will be blocked between the west and east entrances from White Oak Drive. However, access to the pool, lawn bowling, etc. will still be possible.
  * At the West Rec, the entrance off Meadowridge  Drive will be closed and the upper parking lot (above the tennis courts) will be fenced off as will the east side parking lot.  Access to the West Rec, including the pool and tennis courts, will be through the driveway off Meadowridge Lane. Footpaths leading to the West Rec will also remain open.
  * At the East Rec, the parking lot will be closed above the concrete walking ramp leading to the front entrance to the building. Residents will be asked to park in the lower section of the parking lot. Access to the pool and pickleball courts will still be available from the parking lot.