Per Sonoma County orders, no more than 12 people, all wearing masks, may be present in any single room within OVA facilities.
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Special Board Meeting On Pools

OVA board will hold a special virtual meeting Thursday at 3 p.m. to discuss the procedures for opening Oakmont’s pools with a goal to open pools by this weekend. The west rec pool will open when the heater is repaired 

Sonoma County has issued an updated order now allowing outdoor swimming pools to open for lap swimming, fitness activities, physical therapy or exercise. The order outlines specific requirements and guidelines about how to grant access.  

Many members have been requesting access to the pools, and we ask for patience as we prepare to do that. The pools have been maintained, for example, but not heated during these many weeks of sheltering in place. Pool operating systems must be checked, and OVA rules must be written for pool usage following CDC considerations and USA Swimming regulations. We must also provide guidelines for restricting locker rooms and gathering areas at the pools. Here are some of the county order’s requirements pertinent to Oakmont:   

1. Limit the number of participants.

2. Designate pool space and areas in such a way that Social Distancing and Hygiene requirements can be maintained. 

3.    Close areas that encourage gatherings to allow for greater social distancing. Seating will not be available and swimmers need to bring their own chairs.  

4.    Indoor locker rooms and changing areas shall remain closed to the public. 

5.    Adhere to CDC Guidance, and USA Swimming Facility Re-Opening Messaging and Planning 

Guidance (, and USA Swimming Facility Re-Opening Messaging and Planning Guidance ( 


East Rec Parking Lot Closure

The City of Santa Rosa has scheduled work on the sidewalk and area in front of the entrance into the East Rec Center on Oakmont

West Rec Center Stairs Closure

Stairs leading from lower parking lot near the pool to road near upstairs clubhouse entrance will be closed until further notice while contractors complete work

2021 Holiday Facility Hours

The following table provides facility hours for the next two weeks:  Day  Date  Facilities/Pools  Admin Office  Tuesday  12/21/2021  Open normal hours  Open normal hours  Wednesday  12/22/2021  Open normal hours  Open normal