OAP 507.  Section 2039. – Balance & Strength. – Fridays on Zoom at 9:30 a.m.

OAP 507.  Section 2971. – Fitness – Monday, Wednesday & Friday on Zoom at 7:30 a.m.

OAP 507.  Section 2691. – Stretch & Strength. – Tuesdays and Thursdays on Zoom at 7:30 a.m.

First, enroll in the Junior College:
(This is a much shorter enrollment form than credit/on campus classes)

Second, register for the specific class you’d like to take. If you have problems, email the instructor:
(Mary Hastings) mhastings@santarosa.edu

Fall semester classes will begin Monday, August 23.
The first balance class will be Friday, August 27.