Start The Year Right! Play The Ukulele!

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The ukulele is a versatile musical instrument that is fun and easy to play. It has four strings and comes in different sizes from the small (soprano) to the large (tenor and baritone). You do not have to read music in order to play since you learn basic chords and strum those when you see them in a song. Once you master basic chords (e.g., C, G7, F) you are able to play music and have great fun. (Best unkept secret: you cannot be unhappy, worried, or in the dumps when you are strumming your uke!) Important is that as you master your ukulele, you are helping your brain to keep challenged in an exciting way. Playing the ukulele is good for you! It lifts your spirit, keeps your mind sharp, and it introduces you to some wonderful people.

Tempted? By popular request, the Oakmont Ukesters Club is once again offering the class BEGINNING UKULELE. The tutorial is designed for those new to the ukulele and is composed of five sessions that will prepare you to play the ukulele with spirit. You will learn the parts of the uke, how to tune it, strumming patterns, and chords that will allow you to play fun songs. Beginning with the first session you will be able to play songs. Cost of the series is $13 to help defray cost of all the wonderful handouts you will receive.

Dates for the class are Fridays, February 1,8,15,22, and March 1, 2019. 10:00-noon.

If interested, please call Linda Webster (707-328-0940). The location of the tutorial will be given together with advice about how to get a ukulele if you do not own one. You’ll need a ukulele and 3 ring binder for the class. NOTE: Enrollment is limited so please get your reservation in asap!

Bonus: You do not have to wait to begin having fun with the ukulele. The Oakmont Ukesters Club invites you to come join them each Tuesday morning, 10:30-12:30 at the beautiful Oakmont Gardens Crafts Room. The club has been playing together for three years and has built an exciting repertoire of songs for easy listening, playing and singing.

Don’t forget: Life is too short to not play the ukulele and have fun!


Free beginner ukulele lessons

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