State of OVA; Service Awards

            With a goal of “re-establishing civility” throughout the Oakmont community, the OVA board has “managed to sustain courteous, sincere engagement with our membership,” outgoing Board President Tom Kendrick told the 56th annual meeting of the Oakmont Village Association April 4 at Berger Center.

            In his State of the Association message, Kendrick said all the board members had worked very hard to achieve the goal, “particularly on listening to people and respecting what they have to say.” He noted that the board has stopped imposing time limits to cut off people during the open forum portion of meetings or other discussions so members can share what’s on their minds.


            Kendrick noted the ongoing projects to improve Berger Center and enhance the building’s value “well into the future.” He also noted significant improvements at the West Rec Center, adding that it will reopen soon after repairs to damage from a defective fire sprinkler head. The golf courses, he said, are operating well and CourseCo, OVA’s lease partner, continues to enhance the services and activities it offers.

            In the interest of transparency, he said, whenever possible the board has conducted all board business during the monthly open meetings and “whenever we have approved spending OVA money, the board has done so before the membership.” In addition, the board provides members a packet containing details of business it will consider.

And all board meetings are now live-streamed so more members can participate in them.

            “All these changes,” he said, “have enhanced visibility and community awareness.”

            The annual meeting also featured recognition of the contributions of volunteers to every aspect of life in Oakmont.


            Alan McLintock received the Susan C. Millar Volunteer-of-the-Year award. Bob Chapman, president of the Oakmont Community Foundation, said McLintock had gone  “above and beyond” in his contributions to Oakmont. He said McLintock would be asked to name the recipient of a $1,000 foundation grant in honor of Millar, a long -time Oakmont volunteer who headed the foundation. Millar died in 2018.

            In addition to his contributions to many other OVA committees and activities, Kendrick said, McLintock was chairman of the Golf Course Advisory Committee, acting as liaison with the lease partners at CourseCo, which operates the Oakmont golf courses. He helped set up the Oakmont Village Property Corp. and serves as one of five directors managing the assets and overall OVPC finances.

            Steve Spanier, former president of the OVA board which engineered the purchase of the Oakmont golf courses, received the Community Service Volunteer-of-the-Year Award in recognition of his “tireless” efforts in the golf course purchases and in keeping his campaign promise to restore civility to the board.

            Spanier, who stepped down from the board last year for family reasons, said it has been his “greatest privilege” to serve the community.    

            Director Heidi Klyn noted the retirement of Brad Moore, who served 27 years in OVA’s Maintenance Department. Klyn said Moore “was always there for us” solving problems and “will be greatly missed”. Moore thanked OVA for the opportunity, adding “It’s been a pleasure working here.”