Stay Flexible during Transition

During the transition in leadership, Oakmont Health Initiative (OHI) continuers to offer in-person classes, “Wednesdays with JoRene,” 9:00. These classes are Zoomed: 967 9942 2442 passcode 573596.

Meanwhile, OHI continues to work out details for Monday and Friday classes.

But, the reader asks, “Is one day of exercise enough?” In short, “No,” say fitness experts and exercise guidelines. At least “150 minutes of moderate to active exercise” is the minimum.

The reader continues, “But one class a week only gives me seventy minutes, less than half the recommended weekly goal.” Here, these same fitness experts and exercise guides might answer: “The (self) discipline that formerly got you to Berger Center three mornings a week will now motivate you to exercise on your own, at least until the full OHI schedule is defined.”
As with any goal, the secret to achieving is to break down the desired result into smaller, defined steps. For example, 150 minutes sounds like a lot. But, if you come to “Wednesdays with JoRene,” seventy of those minutes are done. You have six days to mange the rest.

Time to set up a personal schedule. Having a “to-do” list, written daily, offers a feeling of control and balance over those eighty minutes. Small steps taken (short walks with a friend; gym workout; swim; youtube yoga, etc.) add up to achieving big goals.

After you’ve completed each daily action, make sure you cross it off your list. For that specific day, done. Good for you! Pat on the back is in order. Your bonus? The discovery that accomplishment is a valuable source of comfort, confidence and health.

You can do it. You’ve done it before. Now do it again. You’ll be so much happier and healthier to boot.

A word to the wise: any exercise program needs to be set with care. Correct shoes, plenty of water are musts. Know your own limitations and plan around what is safe for you. OHI classes are vigorous and large. If you have been away from physical exercise for a while, you may check with your doctor and begin a routine with caution. Beginning in a smaller, more gentle environment could be considered, at least at first.


AARP Driver Safety Course

A newly designed AARP Smart Driver course is returning to the Oakmont Central Activities Center starting in August. Note: The June 23 class was cancelled. 

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