Staying Focused – John Phillips

I was hoping that addressing the mask in my last article might help put it in a healthy place, but for some reason some people are still allowing it to misdirect their attention. The focus should not be on the mask but on your health. Think of the mask as another hindrance, like a pulled muscle, you work through it and you don’t complain about it unless it is absolutely necessary.

Now back to fitness. I hope those who have recently returned to the Fitness Center have been taking it slow and making increases in a sane manner. At the same time, have been able to make some recovery and even possibly some positive gains. If it feels like you’re not making the gains that you should be since you have started back, don’t worry it will take time. We have been inactive for over a year and half and it will take time to get back to where you were before the lockdown. It will even take more time to get those gains that you were working towards before the lockdown. The main point is to stay focused and not get sidetracked by inconveniences or setbacks. Remember, to make advances the body needs a positive stressor so that it will adapt to that stressor. Considering the population of Oakmont, those stressors probably should be on the smaller side but can range anywhere from the number of repetitions you perform to increase the weight, sets performed or a totally different exercise altogether.

Sometimes the things that we are doing may not be moving in a positive direction, but may actually be hindering us. The other day a member and I were talking and she mentioned that she was having trouble losing her Covid weight. She said the she changed her eating habits to vegetables, fruits, and made sure that she was getting her proteins but still not losing the weight. Then she said it struck her that she was probably gaining muscle and that was why the weight wasn’t changing. I agreed and then she said her doctor mentioned that maybe she wasn’t taking in enough calories. I said that could be also, because the body will go into a starvation mode in which it will try and store everything it can in case it doesn’t get a next meal. My point is that if you’re not making the goals that you want, re-exam what you are doing. It could be something very simple or maybe something that seems totally radical, such as eating more food (good food that is). Who wouldn’t like that problem?

If you have any questions regarding this article or any fitness questions, please come by the Fitness Center or call/text me at 707-494-9086, or email me at I look forward to seeing everyone at the Center.


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