The Oakmont Squares are still accepting new dancers for the 2022 Social Square Dancing class for another week or two.

Oakmont dancers have found the Social Square Dancing program (based on 50 calls) to be a good fit for the Oakmont “active adult” demographic. Professional caller Lawrence Johnstone is adept at combining those 50 calls into nearly endless patterns, so the brain gets a work-out while the body does the same. Modern square dancing goes beyond what many individuals of a certain age might remember from junior high/middle school. The music and the calls aren’t just country anymore.

Experienced dancers at Mainstream Level or beyond are welcome to come visit or join the Oakmont Squares at any time. The new Social Square Dancing class is an opportunity for anyone else who would like to come see what square dancing is all about. No partner is necessary. Casual dress and a willingness to give it a whirl are all that is required. Come find out how to “Dance in a square, make a circle of friends.”

The Oakmont Squares meet Tuesday evenings with caller Lawrence Johnstone, 7:00-9:00 PM at the East Rec Center. Proof of Covid vaccination/booster required. Donation is $6 per person. For information call Jenny at 707-367-2102.